Laser Hair Removal Has Never Been Easier or More Popular

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Maintaining your beauty regimen can be time consuming: a hair appointment alone can take several hours from your day. But laser hair removal has never been easier or more convenient than it is today, making it within reach for nearly anyone who wants to eliminate the need to shave or wax.

It's easy to make an appointment

Because laser hair removal is quick and easy, Hamptons Medical Associates makes it easy for you to get in and get out, even on short notice. Simply call our office to request an appointment with your schedule in hand and we'll do our best to accommodate your commitments.

You can return to regular activity immediately

Many patients find it difficult to make time for services for themselves, like chemical peels and facelifts, for example, because the extended recovery time can be difficult to accommodate personally and professionally. Laser hair removal is exceptionally convenient because there is virtually no recovery time. In fact, many patients schedule their treatment during their lunch break and are able to return to their work day right afterward. Aside from some temporary redness and sensitivity, side effects are very limited.

Your appointment takes just a few minutes

Laser hair removal is generally quicker than a pedicure, a hair appointment, or even a waxing appointment. Depending on the areas being treated, you could spend as little as a minute on the exam table. To give you a better idea, your lip may take less than a minute, both underarms may take two to four minutes in all, and your legs might take four to five minutes each. Laser hair removal requires such a nominal time commitment that there is virtually no inconvenience to the patient at all — just results.

Preparation is minimal

There is very little preparation required prior to your laser hair removal appointment, which adds to the convenience and ease of hair removal. Steps recommended include simply shaving the treatment area the morning of your treatment and removing lotions, deodorants, or makeup with a washcloth or makeup wipe right before your appointment.

It's important to ask your doctor what you should do to prepare, as certain hair removal methods and medications should be avoided in the days or weeks prior to your laser treatment.

Because laser hair removal is so convenient, more and more men and women are opting to do away with endless waxing and shaving through laser hair removal at Hamptons Medical Associates. To schedule your no-obligation consultation, call the qualified team at Hampton Medical Associates today.

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