Make Your Eyelashes Pop With LATISSE

Eyelash extensions are really popular right now, but as good as they might make your eyes look, they’re not without hassles. Extensions are expensive, and they only last for a short period, falling out as your natural lashes shed. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the same lush benefits of extensions without worrying about early shedding? Well, you can — with LATISSE®, a prescription treatment that helps your lashes grow thicker, longer, and darker. At Hamptons Medical Associates, we offer LATISSE to help patients with thin or inadequate lashes get the full look they want — with a treatment that’s as simple as using eye drops. Here’s how LATISSE can help your eyes stand out.

The science behind LATISSE

LATISSE contains a solution called bimatoprost, which has a pretty interesting history. Initially, bimatoprost was part of a solution that was being evaluated as a treatment for glaucoma, an eye condition that causes the pressure inside your eye to increase. During those early studies, researchers noticed people who used the solution tended to have lashes that were extra full, thick, and dark, compared to people in the studies who weren’t using the solution. In response to those findings, researchers started looking at bimatoprost alone to evaluate its effect on eyelash growth. After further testing, LATISSE earned FDA approval as a lash growth product in 2008.

Although researchers aren’t exactly sure how bimatoprost works to encourage thicker, darker lash growth, it’s believed the solution works by altering the hair growth cycle. Normally, your lashes (and all your hair) grow in three distinct stages or phases: the anagen phase, which is when hair grows; the catagen phase, which is a brief resting stage; and the telogen phase, which is when “old” hairs shed and fall out. Researchers think LATISSE works in two ways: first, by increasing the length of time each lash hair grows, and second, by increasing the number of hairs that are in the growth (anagen) phase.

Since LATISSE received FDA approval in 2008, women have flocked to the product to help them grow thicker, fuller, more noticeable lashes, without resorting to glue-on lashes or false (and costly) extensions. LATISSE is popular among older women whose lash growth has slowed down with age, and it’s also popular among younger women whose own lashes are naturally sparse or who have lost their lashes as a result of a medical condition or treatment.

The LATISSE treatment regimen

The LATISSE solution is applied to your lids each day (once or twice a day, depending on your goals) using a special applicator. That’s it. LATISSE treatment is very simple, but there are three important elements you need to remember:

LATISSE is a prescription product, and it shouldn’t be used without seeing your doctor first. Since it was initially developed as part of another eye care product, it’s safe to use, but there are some people who should avoid LATISSE treatment — specifically, people who have certain eye conditions or who are at risk for those conditions, and people with active eye infections or chronic eyelid infections. During your initial consultation, we’ll review your medical history to make sure LATISSE is a good choice for you.

Learn more about LATISSE

If you'd like to enjoy thicker, lusher, darker lashes, LATISSE could be the perfect solution to help you reach that goal. To learn more about LATISSE treatment at Hamptons Medical Associates, book an appointment online today.

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